Sunday, August 2, 2020 ~ Open for Worship

The Session of St Giles announces that the Sanctuary will once again be open for worship on Sunday, August 2. However, given the need to respect public health policies and regulations in light of COVID-19 we have implemented the following measures:

1. People attending worship should enter through the main entrance on Bank Street unless they need to use the elevator in which case the ramped entrance on First Avenue should be used.

2. Hand sanitizer (recommended) will be provided at each of the entrances as well as in the sanctuary.

3. People attending worship are asked to wear masks that cover the mouth and nose. If you don’t have a mask, one will be provided.

4. Attendance is required to be recorded. St Giles members and adherents will have their attendance noted in a register. Guests will be asked their name and contact phone number which will also be recorded.

5. When entering the sanctuary, we ask that you proceed through the middle doors and middle aisle following the arrows to the pews that have not been taped off. You will be asked to sit 2 metres apart from fellow congregants in the pews, excepting those from the same household. Seating capacity will be approximately 35.

6. Hymnbooks are not available. The hymns will be in the bulletin.

7. For the time being, there will be no passing of The Peace.

8. After the service, please exit the sanctuary by the side aisles, maintaining 2 metres distance from others, and following the arrows to the elevator/single side doors at the back of the sanctuary.

The service will also be available on YouTube.

Talk, Walk and Pray with the Moderator

Hello Presbyterian Church in Canada. Today I am inviting you to Talk, Walk and Pray with the Moderator this summer.

As you likely know, the 2020 General Assembly is cancelled, so I’m continuing on as Moderator for an additional year. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, all my Moderator travels are cancelled too. I’m grounded in Regina (which is a lovely place to be stuck for the summer), but I’m longing to visit and connect with Presbyterians across the country, and to offer you support and encouragement during these difficult days.

So, I’m going to be inviting some Presbyterians in different places and circumstances in the coming months to “Talk with the Moderator” by video conference. We’ll record those interviews and share them across the church. It’s just one small way to connect our Presbyterian community – by hearing each other’s stories and experiences, and lifting one another up in prayer. Watch for the first “Talk with the Moderator” segment next week.

I can hardly believe that it’s already been two months since the Coronavirus outbreak was named a “pandemic.” I’ve been leading livestreamed worship services for my congregation for the last 8 weeks, working mostly from home, and spending way too much time on the phone or sitting in front of a computer screen.

I have appreciated the fact that worship, fellowship, outreach, Christian education, pastoral care, and governance have all been able to continue in different ways during this crisis. But I’ve also struggled to maintain balance in my life between work and rest, between meetings and time for personal reflection and prayer. And it has taken great determination to find opportunities to keep moving my body, rather than just sitting and meeting and eating all day.

Almost four years ago, I made an intentional decision to walk every day. I did it to improve my health and increase my energy level, beginning with just a kilometre or two each day, and slowly increasing my pace and distance.

The difference it made in my health was remarkable, and it led me to make changes in my food choices as well. But the extra blessing that came with the addition of walking in my life was that it opened up space in my days for thinking, pondering, and prayer. I never started doing things like listening to podcasts or music while I walked because I really appreciated the quiet.

Walking every day, even on the coldest January days in Saskatchewan, has encouraged my spirit, helped me to pray, reduced my stress level, made me a better preacher and a more confident leader, and given me a fresh appreciation for God’s Creation.

So, this summer I would like to put my daily practice of walking at the service of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. I’m going on a pilgrimage of prayer for the PCC. It won’t be a pilgrimage to a certain destination. I’ll walk around my own quiet neighbourhood, and maybe go out to some other beautiful, wide-open spaces on the Prairie. It will be less about a destination, and more about the journey.

I’ll pray as I walk, and I plan to walk 1 km for each ministry of our denomination, plus 1 km for our ecumenical partners in the Canadian Council of Churches. That’s about 10-11 km per day, just a little more than my usual daily average.

We’ve created a list of ministries, starting at the West Coast and going towards the East, with National ministries and ecumenical partners added throughout. There is a jot form on the website so you can submit a specific prayer request for your congregation or ministry if you wish. I also provide it here . Please return your form by May 27.

And you’re invited to walk and pray with me this summer too, starting on June 1 and going through until August 31. Choose whatever distance is appropriate for you. Give thanks for the body God gave you and the fact that it can move. Get out of your home to somewhere you can safely walk and keep physical distance from others. Enjoy the air and the sun and whatever beauty you may see along the way. And pray with me for our wonderful, creative, faithful, and diverse Presbyterian Church in Canada and our ecumenical siblings in the One Body of Christ.

Join me for a video conference gathering on June 1st at 3 pm Eastern to pray and begin this pilgrimage together. Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. We’ll check in online again every month or so until the end of August. (June 29, July 27, & August 31 at 3 p.m. EDT)

May God the Father who created you, guide your footsteps.
May God the Son who redeemed you, share your journey.
May God the Holy Spirit who sanctifies you, lead you on life’s pilgrimage.
And the blessing of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
be with you wherever you may go. Amen.

(A pilgrimage prayer from

 Rev. Amanda Currie
Moderator of the 145th General Assembly (2019)
Presbyterian Church in Canada

April 11, 2020

As Quodlibet could not join us this year due to the COVID-19 crisis, they are sharing a virtual recording they made of An Irish Blessing

March 30, 2020

Pastor Dan will be offering a weekly coffee hour starting this Monday, March 30 at 1 p.m. We will spend time catching up, sharing updates and hearing stories. It won’t be the exact same as being together in the hall each Sunday, but it at least helps us to stay in touch. There will also be an opportunity to ask any questions from the sermon.

Please use the information below:

Dial toll-free: 1-888-884-4539
Code: 7455703 #


March 25, 2020

2020 General Assembly Cancelled

The Assembly Council met on Monday, March 23, 2020, and made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 General Assembly. First and foremost, this decision was taken to ensure the safety of commissioners and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. The implications for all business that would normally come to the General Assembly has been referred to the Executive of the Assembly Council, who will report further, following their meeting on March 31, 2020.

The Clerks of Assembly will consult with all Standing Committees, agencies and colleges about essential decisions that need to be made and present a plan to the Executive. Additional information will be coming out over the coming days and weeks, and announced on the website.

Our current Moderator, the Rev. Amanda Currie, has indicated her willingness to remain in office until the next Assembly. The nominees for this year’s Assembly have been advised that a new election will take place next year. The current nominees will be eligible to be re-nominated.

The General Assembly is not just a place where important issues regarding the ministry, governance and mission of our church are decided; it is also a gathering of our broader church family. We will miss that important time to come together. In the meantime, we are already discovering new ways to connect faithfully with one another, to encourage one another and to be vehicles of God’s grace to a hurting world. May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with each of you. Amen.

—The Rev. Stephen Kendall, Principal Clerk

Pastoral Message from the Moderator of the PCC


March 16, 2020
Please find below a message from Isaac Ives

I am sending this message as our church administrator is recovering at home from a fall on the ice. As we get news there will be more emails and we hope to be using the St Giles website to provide more information going forward.

“The Session of St Giles has decided to suspend public worship services for March 22, 29 and April 5 in response to advice from public health authorities. Although precautions have been taken, the long incubation period of this particular virus (COVID-19) where those afflicted may be asymptomatic yet infectious and the fact that many of our congregation would be in a vulnerable group made the decision necessary. While we accept that Session may have been somewhat hasty in taking this decision, we would rather err on the side of caution.

However we will not be completely inactive during this period, Pastor Chook Reid will be recording sermons which will be made available on this website. If you are able, you are invited to listen to them.

Finally, although we will not be holding services in the near future, we would ask that those who support St Giles consider setting aside their regular donations for when we can worship together again as expenses will continue to be incurred during this period.

On behalf of Session, I would like to wish you continued health and well being.

Isaac Ives