April 9, 2020

April 10, 2020 ~ Good Friday

Good Friday Sermon: When hope is shattered

Have you ever placed your hope in something just to face major disappointment later? It leaves us with deep feelings of grief and pain. The disciples faced many doubts, shame and grief as they watched their leader die. How could this have happened? The service walks through John's telling of the crucifixion story with echoes from Old Testament prophecy scattered in. Dan concludes with a short reflection on what the disciples must have felt to watch their leader die.


Gospel Reading 1: John 18:1–5

Psalm 22:1–31

Gospel Reading 2: John 18:33–19:3

Responsive Reading: Isaiah 52:13–15; 53:1–12

Gospel Reading 3: John 19:16–19; 28–34

Gospel Reading 4: John 19:36–42

Optional Hymns

#239 – O sacred head, sore wounded

#233 – Were you there

#231 – When I survey the wondrous cross

#242 – What wondrous love is this

How deep the Father's love for us