Coffee Hour

In-per Coffee Hour has Resumed

with the following protocols:

  • There will be teams of 3 people delegated to be responsible for preparing and serving food and drink with the intention of minimising the handling of refreshments.
  • The maximum number of participants will be limited to 25 (including the three servers)
  • Standing and having conversations at the meeting is to be discouraged.
  • No proof of vaccination is required at this time.
  • People will not have direct access to food and drink, and must ask the server for them as they queue for service (2m separation) at a table in front of the kitchen. The plan is for the server to pour coffee and tea into cups, adding milk and sweetener as requested. Snacks will be served onto plates and handed to people. Servers to wear gloves when handling food and utensils.
    Seating arrangement be set out at tables to accommodate 22 people with seats set at a two metres spacing.
  • People may remove their mask while consuming food or drink when seated but masks are required for general conversations when seated following eating/drinking.
  • People may change tables and seats at will.
  • All plates, cups and utensils need to go through the dishwasher after the meeting and the tables and chairs to be wiped down with sanitizer after the meeting has concluded.The duty elder is responsible for ensuring that everyone at the coffee hour has been noted on the attendance register and that the protocol of the meeting is maintained.


Coffee Hour by Teleconference

continues on Monday, at 11:00 a.m