St Giles Presbyterian Church

Pre-Authorized Remittance Programme (PAR)

What Is Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR)?

If you have automatic debits going from your bank account to pay for insurance, hydro, telephone or cable, then you understand the PAR principle. It means regular contributions throughout the year. Over 300 Presbyterian congregations currently use PAR using a system set up by the United Church of Canada. It’s an easy way to make your contribution. Once a month, a set sum of money is deducted from your bank account or credit card to support our congregation, Presbyterians Sharing and PWS&D. Your account will be debited on or about the 20th of each month and our congregation’s account credited with the amount payable from all members who participate.

We have ongoing expenses and rely on your generosity even when you’re away or not able to make it to church. Well, that’s no problem if you have joined the Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) program for St Giles. With PAR, you can give to St Giles and the wider church even when you aren’t home or cannot attend worship every Sunday.

How to get involved:

  1. Decide on the amount of your monthly offering (Church Operations, Presbyterians Sharing, and Presbyterian World Sharing & Development).
  2. Fill in the Authorization Form  and attach a cheque from your bank account marked “Void”.
  3. Place the form and cheque in an envelope on the offering plate or send it in to the Church office.

How do you change the amount of your offering, change to a different bank account, or cancel your PAR?

All changes should go through the Church Office. Rob Brandon, a member of the Finance and Maintenance Committee, is responsible for managing the PAR process. Pat will have forms in the Church Office to make additions, changes and deletions to the system. When there is a change in banks or account numbers, a new voided cheque must be provided. Any changes must be in the Church Office by the 5th of the month to take effect that month.

Who is responsible for tax receipts?

The Office Administrator still does the tax receipts. The United Church of Canada administers the program for the congregation. A printout is sent to the Office Administrator each month for record-keeping purposes.

How much does PAR cost the congregation?

The PAR program costs the congregation 50¢ per giver, per month up to a maximum of $45, which is deducted at the time of transfer. This helps to defray administrative costs incurred by the United Church. This fee is much less than what our bank charges at present to process your donations. Individuals will still pay the normal chequing/debit fees to their local bank or credit union.