Vision and Values — Forward in Faith


As a Presbyterian faith community, St Giles is rooted in a faith tradition that presents us with a vision of a loving God as expressed in sacred Scripture and lived out by Christ.

We are located in the Glebe and it is here we seek to engage the people in our community and, in partnership with them, seek to be a presence for Christ in the world, recognizing that the church, as a living, dynamic, and growing organism, needs to go through a continual process of renewal and transformation.


St Giles Presbyterian Church seeks to be a welcoming, fully-alive faith community, which shares Christ’s vision for the world and responds in a Christ-like manner to the present-day challenges of our society and world in partnership with all who seek to make Christ’s vision for the world a present reality.


We value our historical Christian roots, our sacred scriptures, our Presbyterian heritage, and the Christian faith we share with people throughout the world; all of which serve to guide our community of faith into the future.

We value our life together which is more complete and enriched when every generation is present and when opportunities are given to children, youth, adults, seniors, and people from our community to share their passion, gifts, and ideas.

We value being part of a global community that presents us with a diversity of approaches and responses to the challenges of today as we partner with individuals, churches, and community in mutually-beneficial endeavours.

We value our Church with its beautiful sanctuary and great acoustics, and our spacious Logan-Vencta Hall; wonderful resources we intend to use to serve our community and to provide the hospitality of presence.

As approved at the Annual Meeting held on Sunday, March 1, 2015