Room Rentals

In our building at 729 Bank Street, St Giles has a variety of spaces available for rental by non-profit organizations, arts and community groups, or individuals. We do not rent space to commercial businesses. Whenever an event is open to the public, the St Giles custodian, or another representative of the church, must be present at a cost of $50.


Our beautiful sanctuary, with its warm wood, colourful stained glass, and excellent acoustics, makes a lovely venue for a wedding. Weddings at St Giles are services of worship in the tradition of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and would generally be conducted by our minister. The fee is $500, which includes the service and the rehearsal, plus $150 for our custodian/security person. If our organist is required, the fee for the service and rehearsal is $200. The suggested honorarium for the minister is $300. There is an elevator for people with mobility needs as well as an accessible washroom.

The Sanctuary

This beautiful space with its warm wood, stained glass windows, and great acoustics easily seats 250 on the main floor and in the balcony. There is a raised chancel area at the front which can be extended forward with a portable 12-foot by 8-foot stage. The space is perfect for chamber music, choral and theatrical events, and vocal classes, as well as lectures and large meetings. An upright piano, three-manual Cassavant pipe organ, and simple sound system are available. There is an elevator for people with mobility needs as well as an accessible washroom.

Fees depend on the type of use. For example, an evening or afternoon concert with paid audience admission is $400 (including set up and rehearsal time). A smaller private recital for invited guests might be just $150. If a reception in our Banquet Hall with kitchen facilities follows a concert, this would incur an extra charge. Use of the Sanctuary is subject to Session approval.

Banquet hall 2

The Banquet Hall
This large, bright space has a high ceiling and over 2,500 square feet of usable floor space plus a raised stage with an older piano. A large kitchen is attached. The Banquet Hall can be used for dinners, meetings, dances, lectures, receptions, theatre rehearsals, etc. It has a comfortable capacity of 160 with chairs or 110 seated at tables. There is an elevator for people with mobility needs as well as an accessible washroom.

Banquet Hall
Fees depend on the type of use. Generally $150 for an evening or half day with minimal kitchen use included. Rates are flexible for series bookings or smaller events.

Contact our volunteer rental coordinator, Jean, at 613-233-0538 or